Creative Methodologies: Designing a Framework for Teacher Reflection and Authorship

Paula Carolei
Le@d Universidade Aberta, Unifesp


This research has as its main objective to create, test and improve methodologies and artefacts that help teachers to reflect to transform their practices, making them more creative. Actions are expected that go beyond envisioned planning, but that the teacher is able to concretize, evaluate and continuously improve his/her pedagogical actions. This paper describes the creation of a framework that aims to promote reflection on creative methodologies by teachers, helping them to make explicit the creative movements they already make highlighting their authorial moments, their limits, challenges and difficulties, as well as getting to know new creative possibilities.

The data used for the initial construction of this framework was collected in two online courses on Design of Pedagogical Strategies, in which the participating teachers had to describe their teaching practices. From the qualitative analysis of this data, we mapped the challenges and strains in the construction of pedagogical strategies, as well as the fashions and trends that appeared in the discourses. An analysis of formative needs was made and a categorization was created based on a theoretical reflection and critical analysis of the trends presented in the teachers’ data, emphasizing the importance of teachers’ authorial and creative stances in their methodological construction. In this article, we will describe the mapped data, the categorization and the theoretical foundations that supported the construction of this framework. We will also describe the categories and the first validation phase already carried out as well as the next steps for a large-scale application.

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