Lesson Learned: Reflections of Universitas Terbuka’s Non-traditional Assessment Solutions

Ojat Darojat
Universitas Terbuka

Rahmat Budiman
Universitas Terbuka


Modern technology advancements have been reshaping and reforming education throughout the world. Furthermore, the Covid-19 outbreak is a powerful urge to establish more adaptive policies. Universitas Terbuka (UT) or the Indonesia Open University realizes that students are expecting to have a more individual and flexible learning during the Covid-19 outbreak, including the examination. UT makes uses of new technology and innovations to establish the online proctoring examination that enables students to take the examination at their own places without the present of the human proctors. Requirements to ensure the online proctoring examination meets the quality criteria were established. Previous studies show that students showed positive attitude towards the online proctoring examination. In the context of UT, due to students living in remote islands and the issue of the limited internet access might potentially challenge UT to implement the online proctoring examination. To provide solutions to the challenges, UT is demanded to develop alternative innovative solutions. Therefore, partnership with the government, private sectors, and other organizations is a necessary.

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