Open Educational Practices in Learning and Teaching of Computer Science

Jose Luis Delgado
University of Spain (UNED)

Covadonga Rodrigo
National Distance University of Spain (UNED)


This paper shows several actions that address the use and development of open educational resources (OERs) and the utilisation of open source machine virtualization tools for Moodle course instantiation in a Computer Science-based Teacher Training course. The training is dedicated to show the basic characteristics and tools present in e-learning environments and to transmit the knowledge to develop educational resources and personalize different learning environments. The learning activities have been designed following the constructive approach, in the form of practical tasks that ensure the training of students in the self-implementation and personalisation of e-learning courses embedded into virtual machines. Students learn how to do the pedagogical design, to set up a delivery, and perform to develop their own resources and re-use from others. Finally, students have to assess the quality of the OERs following the UNE71362 standard. As a transversal pedagogical objective of the Master’s course, the learning aims to help the dissemination and awareness of the UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) which ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and fosters lifelong learning opportunities for all. In this sense, specific OER development for gender inclusion and accessibility for all learners has been promoted.

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