Hybridism – Theoretical Learning Response to the Growing Diversity in Higher Education

Christian-Andreas Schumann
West Saxon University of Zwickau

Anna-Maria Nitsche
West Saxon University of Zwickau

Kevin Reuther
University of Leipzig

Claudia Tittmann
West Saxon University of Zwickau


The transition from a knowledge society to a network society leads to growing globalisation, networking and a sudden increase in networked knowledge. Higher education and further education, like vocational training, must react with hybrid forms of generalisation and specialisation, in which way complexity and diversity are rapidly increasing in the education systems. In addition, digitalisation and the consequences of the pandemic are pushing this development. Hybridisation can make a theoretical and practical contribution to finding an answer to the complexity of mastering these processes. The consistent further development of learning theory approaches in the context of modelling and applying hybrid systems and automata leads to hybridism and thus to the expansion of the spectrum of learning theories.

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