Using Apps to Develop Mental Calculation in Primary Education

Samuel Gonçalves
Universidade Aberta

Antonieta Rocha
Laboratory of Distance Education & eLearning (LE@D), Universidade Aberta

João Paz
Laboratory of Distance Education & eLearning (LE@D), Universidade Aberta


This research aimed to evaluate the development of mental calculation in Primary Education students promoting the use of the Calculus app in a mobile learning environment. It was observed that children have and use several portable devices with internet connection demonstrating that they are familiarized with technology. Therefore, the immanent pedagogical potential in technology should be used by educational actors towards educational success promoting immersive, contextualized, and centred student learning. Action research was elected as our methodology with planned classroom sessions for the development of mental calculation. It was found that the use of technological resources served educational intentions presenting advantages regarding motivation, feedback, time, concentration, pedagogical differentiation, evaluation, and productivity. This initiative, although not without difficulties, demonstrates that the School must assume its role of mediation of the use of technological resources for the development of school skills.

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