Alternative Education is the Best Policy for the Future

Areej Alsaysi
taibah, Saudi Arabia


This study investigates the need to develop alternative education programs in Saudi Arabia and indicate the most suitable ones for the Saudi context. The study has adopted a qualitative methodology and incorporates interviews with faculty members at the Faculty of Education in Taibah University (Madinah, Saudi Arabia). The results gleaned from the study reveal that all study participants agree a on the real need for alternative education programs in Saudi Arabia. However, some participants expressed concerns about the suitability of the Saudi context for such programs. The interviewees have also indicated their eagerness to see such programs implemented in the country as they would provide an excellent environment that meets student needs. Accordingly, the current study puts forward a demand for educationalists and relevant decision makers in Saudi Arabia to allow for this critical improvement in the country’s education system through the smooth integration of alternative education programs.

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