Adaptive Learning as a Tool for Supporting Diverse Students with Threshold Concepts at a Distance

Gerald Evans
The Open University, United Kingdom

Anne-Marie Gallen
The Open University, United Kingdom


A key aspect of the learning experience for students is the need to consolidate and absorb what they are learning. To do so, they need space and time in their learning, and additional support to overcome any aspects of their learning that they find particularly challenging. A number of researchers have identified the idea that ‘threshold concepts’ exist across many subject areas which require students to make a transformative, irreversible and integrative step in their learning (Land & Meyer, 2010).This paper concentrates on an example of a first level undergraduate engineering module and the challenges of teaching the key mathematical concepts needed to a diverse audience of engineering students with varying levels of mathematical ability. The paper outlines how the project team went about identifying the threshold concept, planning an adaptive learning approach to supporting students and then talks about the findings from this initial work. We then go on to discuss how we are considering developing the approach for future cohorts of students.

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