100 MOOC Project for SMES: What do They Need

Sezin Esfer esfer@metu.edu.tr
METU, Turkey

Kursat Cagiltay
METU, Turkey

Nergis Gurel
METU, Turkey

Rafet Cevik
METU, Turkey


This learning needs analysis study has been conducted within the scope of a European Union funded Project that proposes to build up a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) portal to support the adaptability of employees and employers to new social and economic structures and increase adaptability of them via ICT tools in Turkey. In the scope of this Project which is called as Bilgeİş, it was planned to create 100 MOOCs (mainly ICT usage related) and a survey was conducted for specifying the training needs in determined sectors. The data were obtained from 585 employers/executives and 1030 employees of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It is found that learning needs of the target group have occurred generally in equipment and tools used at the workplace, Office programs, accounting software etc. Also, a list has been created according to survey results and obtained six categories. Examining the current station of SMEs helped to shape the planning of MOOCs’ design and development process. The results of the current study are not only important for Bilgeİş MOOCs, but also for MOOC developers, ICT trainers, experts, policy makers, etc. can benefit from them.

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