Digital Creativity for Net Generation Students: Retooling the Art and Design Environment at School

Andrea Karpati
Eotvos Lorand University - ELTE, Hungary

Tunde Simon
Szeged University, Hungary

Agnes Gaul-Acs
KAPTÁR Visual Arts Workshop and Archive, Hungary


In arts education, the iconic turn, the steady increase of images and icons in communication and the appearance of multimedia art works became an agent for paradigm change in the 21st century. Beyond fine arts, contemporary curricula focus on visual communication that includes digital graphics, photography and video. Research has consequently intensified on the skill structure and developmental stages of the new child art and the need for a suitable learning environment soon became evident. In Hungary, digital pedagogy has only targeted the visual arts in the last decade when tablets and smartphones began to offer numerous imaging options that invaded social web pages. Digital child and youth art has by now become a curriculum component in many countries and the art studio has integrated e-learning technology and pedagogy. This paper summarises Hungarian experiments in developing a new, creative learning environment for art and design education.

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