Pen or Keyboard. an Empircal Study on the Effects of Technology on Writing Skills

Antonella Poce
Università Roma TRE, Italy

Benedetto Vertecchi
Università Roma TRE, Italy

Francesco Agrusti
Università Roma TRE, Italy

Maria Rosaria Re
Università Roma TRE, Italy


As stated in the scope of the conference “The social and socio-economic context is moreimportant than ever. Society itself can be understood as a learning environment, withquestions of learners’ connection with the community and the empowerment of thepractitioners”. This means that certain skills, the so called 21st century skills, must beprompted and developed. Writing skills are of paramount importance in this context and, aseducators and researchers, we are primarily engaged in understanding the effect the use ofmobile devices has on such abilities.

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