Perceptions of learning activities and learning outcomes in a ROSE (Random Short-term Learning Environment)

Keren Levy
Ohalo Teacher College, Israel

Elaine Hoter
Ohalo Teacher College, Israel

David Burg
Ohalo Teacher College, Israel


Continuity of operations (COOP) or Business Continuity refers to an organization’s ability tomaintain or restore its business when normal operations have been threatened or disrupted(Piran & Yanovsky, 2007 in Schweber, 2013). Lately this concept has been dealt with in anacademic context, and has been referred to as Academic Continuity which represents (ibid:151):“a commitment on the part of educational officials to provide opportunitiesfor students and instructors to remain engaged in their education despiteexternal disruptions and for the organization to remain resilient”.Academic continuity is, therefore, the process of preserving the academic core functions of theinstitution, while responding to a wide array of challenges that temporarily disrupt teaching and learning.

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