Augmented Learning Environment for Wound Care Simulation

Nelson Ribeiro Jorge
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Lina Morgado
Universidade Aberta, Portugal

Pedro Gaspar
Instituto Polit├ęcnico de Leiria, Portugal


Emerging technologies for teaching and learning have made it possible to create environments, scenarios and virtual patients that simulate clinical practices in order to promote the development of skills and knowledge in healthcare education (Lewis et al., 2005; Hogan, Sabri, & Kapralos, 2007). These simulations are seen as educational techniques that bring interactivity and immersion into the learning process, allowing the recreation of clinical experiences without the risk of causing harm to patients (Maran & Glavin, 2003). Other known advantage is the possibility learners have to practice an unlimited number of times a procedure or technique until correct realization, before applying it in real-world scenarios (Rey et al., 2006).

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