The ECO Project for E-Teaching: Social MOOCs at the Crossroads of Actors’ Cognitive Logics and Strategies

Divina Frau-Meigs
Sorbonne Nouvelle University, France

Adeline Bossu
Bordeaux 3 University, France


This communication examines personal and collective e-learning strategies and emergent uses and practices, based on the implementation of the European project ECO, for the e-training of teachers via MOOCs. ECO is financed within the framework of the program Competitiveness and innovation Framework Programme (CIP), Theme 2: digital satisfied, open dated and creativity. The main corpus consists of questionnaires, interviews, conversation threads in the forums and the social networks as well as exchanges between members of the teaching staffs of the experimental sMOOC Step by Step. The analysis focuses on several intercultural actors’ logics: it connects universities, private and public schools, communication and information systems, all with different cultural origins (seven European countries). The project is itself an open co-creation that brings together several professional cultures (teachers, engineers, computer scientists, community managers, …). It also builds on a number of cognitive elements that buttress interaculturality and intercreativity and point to some important lessons for the management of interculturality and intercreativity in Europe and beyond.

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