Advantages and Disadvantages of Spocs (Small Private Online Courses) : Experiences with Online Learning

Gerard Gielen
UC Leuven Limburg, Belgium


Working with SPOCs is an interesting way to let students learn flexible. The quality and cost of the courses has not to be so high because the information is only made available for a small limited group of students. It is not intended to reach a large mass of students but works as an additional tool to provide your students flexible learning. It is contemporary and has a good answer to questions about flexibility, student friendliness, and modern learning. For motivated and committed students this is a way of stimulating them to powerful learning. But if you want to work with it you have to consider a number of essential conditions. SPOCs have advantages and disadvantages. From my experiences I would never force students to choose one or the other way, but offer both learning systems side by side so that the student can learn in the most appropriate way for himself.

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