E-learning Decision Making: Methods and Methodologies

Nikola Kadoić
Faculty of organization and informatics, Croatia

Nina Begičević Ređep
Faculty of organization and informatics, Croatia

Blaženka Divjak
Faculty of organization and informatics, Croatia


Strategic decision making implementation is still an important problem in higher education (HE). The shift in research moved from goals and activities towards recognizing decision making methods used for decision making (DM) and evaluation of the strategy implementation. The purpose of this paper is to investigate which decision making methods and methodologies are used in the decision making processes in higher education, especially strategic decision making problems connected to the implementation of e-learning. In order to achieve this goal we reviewed 40 research papers. Results show diversity of methods, methodologies and approaches used in the strategic decision making in HE which proves complexity of the topic. We summarize them in four phases and also recommend methods that can be successfully applied based on the literature review presented in this paper and authors’ practical experiences.

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