Adapted Learning Environment in Future Education

Shimon Amar
Ohalo College of Education, Israel

Frederic Roblin
Steelcase Education, France


Published in 2016, our study (Nissim, Weissblueth, Scott-Webber, & Amar, 2016) investigated the effect of our newly developed innovative technology-supported learning environment on pre-service teachers’ motivation and 21st century skills.Over eighty percent of students and lecturers reported more than a moderate increase in creativity, motivation, ability to get higher grades, and engagement in class while studying in the new learning environment. Students gave statistically significant higher evaluations for practices and solutions in the new classrooms than in traditional classrooms. Significant findings were found in the way students perceived working adequately, or better than adequately, on many of the 21st century skills in the new environment as opposed to the old one.

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