Online Training of Trainers from the Open University, Portugal

Susana Henriques
Universidade Aberta, Portugal

Jose Antonio Moreira
Universidade Aberta, Portugal

Maria de Fatima Goulao
Universidade Aberta, Portugal

Daniela Melare Vieira Barros
Universidade Aberta, Portugal


This paper describes an online training course for trainers in the perspective of new trends in online learning processes. Online training of trainers consists of: training as part of online pedagogical and teaching models, and not only on support and interfaces; discussions about teaching and learning in new scenarios; and online scenarios with the new trends on the development of e-learning in mind. The main purpose of this paper is to characterize the online teacher training course and its innovations within a paradigm referenced by networks, pedagogy of participation and the use of informal spaces in an innovative co-learning environment (Dias, 2012; Okada, 2011). We conducted a brief descriptive analysis supported by bibliographic references, reflections and discussions previously held about the proposal of the course. This paper is part of the work done by the course research team, who is developing a research project for improving innovation in e-learning.

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