Educommunication Practices: How to Plan and Implement Communication Management Processes for Educational Projects Mediated by Communication Technologies

Luci Ferraz de Mello
Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, Universal Learning Systems, Ireland


The use of communication technologies in education was a natural step when we consider the context of digital media and their adoption by society for various purposes by people of all ages, social classes and both genres and how it has led to deep changes especially in the way people relate to each other. Martin-Barbero (2005), Jenkins (2009) and Castells (2003), among others, reflect that the digital media are transforming the relationships among people, mainly the new generations who are more exposed to the use and effects of these tools in a daily basis. And the adoption of these tools by formal education put focus on the necessity of a better knowledge about the communication management for educational projects mediated by technologies.

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