Technology as a Vehicle for Inclusion of Learners with Attention Deficits in Mainstream Schools

Hanne Voldborg Andersen
Aalborg University, Denmark

Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen
Aalborg University, Denmark


The potential of technology for supporting educational processes of participation, collaboration and creation is widely accepted. Likewise have digital tools proved to enhance learning processes for disabled learners1. A currently topical group, politically and educationally, in the discourse of inclusion is learners with extensive developmental and attention deficit disorders2. This paper investigates the potential of technology for supporting the inclusion of this group in the general school system, i.e. into mainstream classes, using technology as a tool to join, participate and contribute – and as a vehicle for general human growth in their learning community. The paper presents the primer results and describes and discusses the challenges of both teachers’ and learners’, involved in the inclusion process. Finally, on the basis of findings, a typology of tools is suggested, which may support inclusive teaching and learning for the target group in question.

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