Boldic - Open Learning Resources Online

Ulf Sandstrom
Swedish Association for Distance Education, Sweden

Ebba Ossiannilsson
Lund University, Sweden

Torhild Slatto
Flexible Education Norway, Norway


The general purpose of the “Boldic – open learning resources online” network is to deepen and bring further the co-operation between Nordic and Baltic organizations dealing with distance education, flexible learning and e-learning by opening the community for new partners from both the Baltic and the Nordic countries. The network has been supported by Nordplus (Founded by The Nordic Council of Ministers) for ten years and we want to disseminate results, discussions and future issues during the EDEN Conference in Barcelona 2015.There is a continuous increase in the demand for technology supported learning material, and especially so for material developed for on-line learning. Most of this material is developed in such a way that it normally is quite easy to change language and in other ways fit the material for use in different countries. I.e. the field is very well set up for exchange of material and for continuous cooperation in development, marketing, etc. In short, we have a demand, what we need is better marketing and simpler exposure of the material between the potential exchangers of the materials. The intention of the network is to establish a major Nordic and Baltic integration project supporting open learning resources online. Apart from better quality in learning, the project proves the benefits possible by simple cooperation between the learning organizations of the different countries. The Boldic network also works for supporting cultural exchanges as the materials often contain cultural parts. (Kågström, 2003, p.25).

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