Digital Identity and Personal Learning Networks (PLN) in a Phd Researchers Community

Diana Andone
Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania

Mark Frydenberg
Bentley University, United States of America


The Web 2.0 has been increasingly used by the academic community – teachers, students and researchers – to create, stimulate and expand learning in an informal way, even when knowledge is acquired in a formal context. The appearance of emerging environments and pedagogies has enabled the introduction and adoption of new practices and behaviours of individuals in the university academic context. In the context of lifelong learning and as a complement to formal learning, there is a new reality for the 21st century researchers – the personal learning network. This research project addresses issues related to the researchers’ digital identity in the field of Online Distance Education and eLearning and their personal learning environment, researching the genesis, management and dynamics of the personal learning network of each member in a community of researchers. Within this background, this research aims to analyse how a community of researchers uses social networks to deepen their knowledge, as well as to understand how they create, manage and stimulate their social networks to acquire knowledge based on their contacts.

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