What Do Students Say About ePortfolios: Utilizing Social Media to Expand Learning Scenarios

Lori Hager
University of Oregon, United States of America


The purpose of this research is to understand how students value implementing open source ePortfolios as a 21st century learning strategy. This paper will present survey findings of current students and alumni about valuing ePortfolios for connecting formal and experiential learning, and for professional preparation. One professional program at the University of Oregon worked with ePortfolios based in an open source blogging platform, and which were integrated throughout the curriculum. Findings suggest that the inclusion of open source social media ePortfolio approaches to learning are valued by students for their support of making learning visible across the curriculum and in connecting co-curricular learning and professional development. This seven-year project reached hundreds of students, suggesting possibilities for an integrated technology approach to education and expanded learning scenarios in a global learning environment.

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