Creative Collaboration in Online Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning.

Margarida Romero
Universite Laval, Canada

Elena Barbera
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain


Creativity is a key competence for facing the society challenges of the post-industrial knowledge society (Garrison, 2011). Despite the importance of collaborative learning in the 21st society (Bates & Sangrà, 2011; Hesse, Care, Buder, Sassenberg & Griffin, 2015), creativity in educational settings has been mainly analysed individually. Moreover, the collaborative aspects of creativity have been not developed in the context of online collaborative learning (Romero, Hyvönen & Barberà, 2012), despite being a part of the 21st century skills. There is also a lack of assessment methodologies for the collaborative creative assessment (Wishart & Eagle, 2014). This study aims to contribute to the analysis of creative collaborative learning in online distance context through the conception and analysis of the Assessment Scale for Creative Collaboration (ASCC). The scale is evaluated in the context of an online learning course on Creativity in Advertisement in the virtual campus of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) in Spain.

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