User Perceptions on Relevance of a Learning Management System: An Evaluation of Behavioural Intention and Usage of SciPro System at University of Rwanda

Jean Claude Byungura
Stockholm University, Sweden

Henrik Hansson
Stockholm University, Sweden

Thashmee Kharunaratne
Stockholm University, Sweden


With the emerging use of technological interventions in education systems, e-learning systems contribute immensely in education delivery. However, with substantial efforts from the Rwandan Government, there are still claims about the lack of online support systems especially for thesis process in Rwandan higher education. Furthermore, the experience has proved that some systems implemented at University of Rwanda have failed because the adoption is loath. Therefore, one of the reasons is that some innovative systems are fully diffused and deployed in the university without prior test to its future users to know the user behavioural intention from their perceptions in regard to a particular system. This study follows the introduction of one learning management system called “SciPro” and the aim of this study was to evaluate the future key users’ perceptions about the relevance of SciPro System in improving thesis process. Embedded Case study was used as a research strategy to collect data from 31 workshop participants using a questionnaire. Afterwards, convenient interviews were conducted at 5 colleges during and after testing some features and functionalities of SciPro System. Results show that future users express a reasonable level of intention and use of the system. They also appreciate the usefulness of SciPro resources at a higher level. Thus, on the other hand, one concludes that proposed customization of SciPro in accordance to Rwandan education system should be considered for some features such as peer review process and anti-plagiarism control functionalities. The study also reveals that there are other factors outside SciPro System, such as, management support, high-speed Internet access and motivation to innovators and early adopters that should be considered throughout the implementation process.

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