PDPIE Framework: Online Course Development Quality Cycle

Afsaneh Sharif
University of British Columbia, Canada

Merce Gisbert
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain


The growth of online education, new approaches for its delivery, its convergence with on- campus learning, and its global impacts have created considerable discussions in quality of online learning all around the world. This has also brought educators’ attention into the practice of those professionals involved in online course development including instructional designers who are the key professionals involved in online course development. Planning, Design, Production, Implementation, Evaluation (PDPIE) Framework is an online course development quality framework which is the result/outcome of a PhD study conducted in Spain and Canada. The study and observation of the evolution of technology, instructors and learners’ roles, and instructional designers’ cultural and educational differences led to development of a flexible online course development guideline within this field. The guideline can be found at http://wiki.ubc.ca/Design_Quality_OnlineCourse (Sharif, 2014)

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