Contribution of Normative Stakeholder Theory to an Educational Data Warehousing Project

Gabor Kismihok
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

David Szorenyi
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands


With exponentially growing data quantity, the importance of succeeding in educational data warehousing implementation significantly increased. High level of system quality is more associated with succeeding in organizational- and project implementation than in technical implementation, therefore this thesis aims to find a way to improve factors affecting organizational- and project implementation success. Majority of them is strongly people- related, but still there is a gap in literature on how these factors should be improved. Many researchers in the discipline of stakeholder theory are engaged with stakeholder identification and classification. This research investigates how normative stakeholder theory can contribute to the improvement of these people-related factors by conducting an exploratory case study. Stakeholders of a learning analytics project at the University of Amsterdam are identified and classified in accordance with a significant classification model, furthermore, presence of the previously defined factors is measured within the project. As a result, this paper provides several recommendations on the improvement of these factors by linking them with the identified and classified stakeholder groups.

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