Coherence of Accelerated Transformations and Expanded Learning Scenarios

Christian-Andreas Schumann
West Saxon University of Zwickau, Germany

Claudia Tittmann
West Saxon University of Zwickau, Germany

Helge Gerischer
West Saxon University of Zwickau, Germany

Anne Gotze
West Saxon University of Zwickau, Germany

Feng Xiao
Tongji Universty Shanghai, China

Frederic Litto
Brazilian Association for Distance Education - ABED, Brazil

Jana Weber
Technische Universittat Berlin, Germany


Based on a holistic approach an attempt is made to understand the complex relationships with its many related objects. The interaction of theses and antitheses leads to the synthesis and thus to new developments, among other things in education. The processes in all spheres of life of the society, particularly in innovation, knowledge transfer and the related teaching are dominated by permanent transformations. The organizations respond with new enhanced learning scenarios in order to control the acceleration of the transformations from the point of view of content, communication, and cooperation. The increasing knowledge of the management of transformation processes, however, leads to the situation that knowledge, including the appropriate educational systems and processes, can be converted and transferred even more quickly and efficiently. Recently, this period of accelerated development is passing through in all areas of society globally. It is investigated the question which kinds of opportunities exist to control the acceleration by using appropriate methods and designing essential parts of the necessary educational systems.

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