Individual Learning Path in Gamified Environment

Maria Zajac
Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland

Marcin Piekarczyk
Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland


The purpose of the paper is to present the preliminary findings of a researchproject aimed at individualization in Technology Enhanced Learning. The mainobjective of the project is to elaborate the methodology of designing theindividualized courses and of implementing them into online and blendedlearning. The project has been financed by The Polish-Norwegian ResearchFund within the scope of so called Small Grant Scheme aimed at womendoing research in technical sciences 1 Although originally the scope of theproject was placed in computer science there is no doubt that pedagogicalaspects of the issue are equally important. The pedagogical and technologicalaspects influence each other, which means that the conceptual work andsoftware solutions are well settled in teaching practice which is not often thecase when talking about adaptive learning systems.

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