Lessons Learnt from the Cardiff CPD Development Programme

Francisco Iniesto
The Open University, United Kingdom

Martin Weller
The Open University, United Kingdom

Sarah Roberts
The Open University, United Kingdom


The Cardiff Commitment Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme was a collaboration between Cardiff Council, Cardiff and Vale College and The Open University (OU). Initial contact with Cardiff Council’s Cardiff Schools Service (Cardiff Council) began with discussions around supporting teacher CPD needs through a co-designed teacher focussed workshop. The Global Covid19 Pandemic resulted in this collaboration being extensively redesigned to reflect the need for teaching staff to support their learners via a blended online distance learning model. Cardiff and Vale College also agreed to join the initiative. This programme ran between November ‘20 and March ‘21 with a total of 12 workshops and a sample of 32 teachers and lecturers from across 23 institutions. Key benefits identified to participating staff included the professional development and upskilling opportunity, input into the co-creation of resources for peers and the wider sector and effecting change within their organisation and wider cluster through peer to peer approach.

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