The Use of Badges And its Impact on the Interaction Dynamics of a Mooc

Inês Araújo
University of Coimbra

Carlos Santos
University of Aveiro

Luís Pedro
University of Aveiro


Several research projects have been using gamified approaches as a way to develop media and information literacies in particular cohorts. Badges are one of the elements that is often used in these approaches and its importance and scope has been widely discussed in the realm of Educational Technology. In the scope of the GamiLearning project, a gamification strategy was designed using the badges’ engine of the SAPO Campus platform in order to provide continuous training in this field to a group of teachers. The particular training action reported in this article was implemented via the “Badges: how to use?” MOOC. Data obtained shows that the interaction dynamics patterns were very significant between the trainees, especially in terms of posts, comments and endorsements. These results suggest that the use of badges as a motivational asset can contribute to a more sustained engagement of students throughout the duration of the training action and, hence, to a greater ratio of completion of MOOCs. This article will present the data obtained in this MOOC and will promote a discussion about the motivational affordances of the use of badges in educational contexts.

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