Modelling Teacher Practices to Apply Learning Analytics as a Metacognitive Tool in Learning to Enhance Student Success

Rasa Greenspon
Vytautas Magnus University

Margarita Teresevičienė
Vytautas Magnus University

Justina Naujokaitienė
Vytautas Magnus University


In the contemporary context, adoption of educational technologies has become inevitable. In virtual learning environments, teachers are not only exploring new ways of teaching, e.g. blended or online, but also incorporating various tools and strategies in order to facilitate the learning/teaching process. Learning analytics has received a lot of attention as it offers a support to teachers in monitoring students’ performance and making decisions regarding pedagogical approaches and techniques that would enhance learning and fulfil students’ realtime needs. In this research, a case study of university online or blended learning courses investigates the usage of learning analytics as a metacognitive tool to analyse how teaching and learning as well as learning design may be improved in order to enhance student success.

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