A Virtual Reality Etruscan Museum Exhibition – Preliminary Results Of The Participants’ Experience

Antonella Poce
Roma TRE University

Alessio Caccamo
Roma TRE University

Francesca Amenduni
Roma TRE University

Maria Rosaria Re
Roma TRE University

Carlo De Medio
Roma TRE University

Mara Valente
Roma TRE University


The current global health emergency has posed the need to reflect upon how to guarantee high standard of quality in 100% virtual exhibition. In this case study, we present one of the possible solutions to design a VR museum exhibition for educational purposes. The Centre for Museum Studies designed “The E-Trouria App”, a VR exhibition which is aimed at providing participants with personalised learning path based on an Etruscan museum collection in Rome. The App was designed by combining different pedagogical methods such as Digital Storytelling and Reflective Questioning. The goals of the research were to understand visitors' evaluation of their experience. 20 postgraduate students (F = 17; M = 3; Average age = 36 years) in Museum Education took part in the pre-pilot experimentation. Participants expressed very positive evaluation on the visit and their features (narratives, soundtrack and multimodality). Participants were emotionally engaged during the visit and the most reported emotions were “pleasure” and “wondering”. Future research steps are illustrated.

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