A Networked Learning Environment for the Education of an Architect

Melis Baloglu Asut
Istanbul Technical University

Yuksel Demir
Istanbul Technical University


During a design process, a student of architecture learns how to communicate with various tools, understanding the problem and reflect his/her own solution and how to work together with his/her peers. To be able to examine how a student of architecture learn, communicate and act in a networked environment, this study analyses an architectural theory lesson as a case study in consideration of ACAD (Goodyear & Carvalho, 2014) framework. An online assistant acts as an observer of the online platform of the course used as a case study, analyses the 14-week course according to ACAD framework. As a conclusion, students can learn collaboratively by articulating and sharing their ideas while they follow their education if they have a chance to frame their own curriculum, and they also continue to share their experience and expertise through discussion and dialog with the help of online communities after they had graduated.

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