The Instructional Design of an Online Learning Environment (RISSC) for Upper Secondary School Students’ Research Skills

Louise Maddens
KU Leuven Campus Kulak Kortrijk

Fien Depaepe
KU Leuven, Campus Kulak Kortrijk

Annelies Raes
KU Leuven, Campus Kulak Kortrijk

Jan Elen
KU Leuven, Belgium


In today’s complex world, the acquisition of research skills is considered an important goal in (upper secondary) education. Consequently, there is a growing body of literature that recognises the value of well-designed (online) learning environments for effectively supporting the development of this complex set of skills. However, a clear consensus on how these research skills can be facilitated is currently lacking. Furthermore, interventions aiming to foster these skills are often implemented in specific domains, mostly in physics, biology and chemistry. In addition, current approaches to facilitation often refer to only a few epistemic activities related to research skills. Because of the broad and (mainly) domain-specific character of research skills, the purpose of this paper is to articulate the instructional design considerations for an online learning environment for upper secondary school students’ (broad set of) research skills in a(n) (underrepresented) behavioural sciences context.

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