Developing a Framework of e-Leadership Literacies for Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education: A Delphi Study

Deborah Arnold
UOC, Spain

Albert Sangra Morer
UOC, Spain


This paper presents the results of a Delphi study conducted as part of a doctoral research project on e-leadership literacies for technology-enhanced learning (TEL-eLL) in higher education (HE). The aim of the Delphi study is to answer the research question: “What are TEL-eLL?” In other words, how can we define the novel concept of TEL-eLL and how can we formulate the specific e-leadership literacies for TEL in the form of a meaningful framework. After situating the research with respect to prior work on Leadership Literacies and e-leadership for TEL, the paper gives a detailed account of the design and results of the Delphi study conducted early 2018. Plans for further research applying the TEL-eLL framework are also outlined.

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