The Open University of China and Chinese Approach to a Sustainable and Learning Society

Wei LI
Open University of China, China

Yanwei QI
Open University of China, China


As the most populous and second largest economy of the world, China has seen huge changes and emerging needs in social and economic aspects over last few decades. In 2012, the Chinese government decided to establish the Open University of China (OUC) on the basis of Chinese Radio and TV University System for promoting lifelong learning and a learning society. The purpose of this study is intended to provide a case analysis of results of and challenges for OUC. After five years of development, OUC has increased its capacity for promoting lifelong learning including a national wide university network, massive online teaching and learning model, digital learning environment and resources, customized services for special groups and creditbank system. Meanwhile, there are problems and challenges to its current and future development, such as inexperience of quality teachers, the difficulties in quality assurance and credit transfer, insufficient policy support and regulation from government and the growing competitiveness in online education market. It is expected that this study will contribute to understand the way of OUC meeting the emerging needs of a lifelong learning society in China and share its experience.

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