MuseTech: A Web App to Enhance 21st Century Skills through Heritage Education

Antonella Poce
Roma TRE University, Italy

Francesco Agrusti
Roma TRE University, Italy

Maria Rosaria Re
Roma TRE University, Italy


As stated in the scope of the conference an urgent need for “people with new, enhanced skills is growing. The volume of information produced and shared in all fields is overwhelming.Building the data economy became part of the EU Digital Single Market. Powerful and sophisticated ICT is part of everyday life, and the world of learning is not an exception.” New ways of enhancing learning are more and more demanded by contemporary society.The use of digital tools in the field of arts and cultural heritage represents a real innovation challenge: new areas in museum education may be explored to introduce technology and, simultaneously, new teaching and learning methodologies may be developed, especially for the younger generation of users.

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