EPICT Certification Syllabus as Mean to Attest DigCompEdu Competences

Giovanni Adorni
University of Genoa

Margaret Marshall
EPICT UK, United Kingdom

Angela Maria Sugliano
University of Genoa, Italy


This paper presents the EPICT Certification Syllabus (European Pedagogical ICT Licence) and its value in concretely describing the competences of the recent DigCompEdu Framework of Competences for Educators.In November 2017 the Joint Research Center (JRC – the European Commission’s science and knowledge service committed to providing independent scientific advice and support to EU policy), delivered the final version of a framework focused on describing what it means for educators to be digitally competent. This represents an important announcement at European level because it defines the elements to consider when individual educators or training organisations start to plan professional development programs in that field.For the past 13 years, The European Pedagogical ICT Licence (EPICT) and outside Europe(IPICT) has successfully provided a competence certification. The syllabus, having originally been developed as a result of a European eContent Project, is current and is updated annually informed by the research and professional work of the partners of the Consortium. EPICT provides a very valuable and useful means to articulate the high level descriptions of the digital competences contained within the DigCompEdu Framework.With this paper we intend to present the mapping of EPICT Syllabus with DigCompEdu and two case histories in order to share the results of EPICT Consortium experience in Europe.

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