Digital Tools in the Service of Social Media – Opportunities and Roles of Education and Content Supported by Mobile Communication Devices in Support of Informal Education and Digital Competences Development

Gyorgy Molnar
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

Zoltan Szuts
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary


In today’s digital environment, new methods of education (Ollé, Papp, Lévai, Tóth-Mózer, & Virányi, 2013) have emerged from web 2.0 and e-learning 2.0. New Media (Forgó, 2017) systems also significantly transform the learning environment. We have come to the latest achievements of Digital Pedagogy 2.0 (Benedek & Molnár, 2016). The new types of platforms that emerge as a continuation of this trend go even further, just beyond the existing technologies. In addition to the earlier services, they help to navigate through large data set sand focus on mobile technologies.

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