Teaching Science Through Technology and Creativity in Innovative Learning Environments

Antonella Poce
Università Roma TRE, Italy

Francesco Agrusti
Università Roma TRE, Italy

Maria Rosaria Re
Università Roma TRE, Italy


The purpose of this work is to demonstrate that the critical use of technology to increase the efficacy of teaching, in particular in the field of science, is the key to single out solutions able to increase development and growth, from which, in turn, the whole society can benefit. The challenge faced by the LPS group in planning the activities for more effective and engaging science teaching, is based on the possibility to share and fill the learning needs of various categories of people, students and teachers, inhabitants of a given territory, researchers, involved in the initiative and animated by the need to find solutions to the educational problems they deal with. On a devoted learning platform, described in the contribution at length, the student’s lab has been planned as a set of on-line group activities, with the general aim to provide useful elements to understand the typical characteristics of the language of science and create the structure of a creative text with a scientific topic through cooperative writing. Findings from the data collected after a specific evaluation plan are given and discussed revealing as successful the combination of creativity and science subjects.

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