Differentiated Technology-Based Interventions for Enhancing Understanding, Flow and Self-Efficacy by Learners with Developmental and Attention Deficits

Hanne Voldborg Andersen
Aalborg University, Denmark

Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen
Aalborg University, Denmark


The purpose of this paper is to investigate in which way technologies may be used to increase inclusion and a feeling of flow and self-efficacy in learning processes when it comes to learners with developmental and attention deficits (focus learners) in a mainstream classroom. The paper is an outcome of a wider study on ICT facilitated inclusion and this current piece of research addresses the challenges of enhancing focus learners’ comprehension when working with the curriculum. Several technologies have been tried out in a real school context and seven types of interventions are uncovered as valuable for focus learners’ capability in learning processes. The paper discusses the findings and concludes that conscious use of technology- based interventions make it possible to provide learning challenges balanced to the learners’ individual skills. But a broader understanding and acceptance by all stakeholders for the specific challenges of this group of learners in mainstream educational systems seems needed to fulfil the potential.

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