The Impact of the National ICT Program on the School from the Viewpoint of the Administration - a Case Study

Egoza Wasserman
Herzog Academic College, Israel

Tami Targani
Herzog Academic College, Israel


This study investigated the process of implementing change in the school as reflected by the implementation ofthe National ICT Program in Israel. The study deals with the implementation of the ICT program in school and itspurpose is to examine the various levels of change that occur in the school, from the viewpoint of theadministration. The study is a case study, and was conducted using the qualitative method. The study took placein Israel and included in-depth semi-structured interviews with the administrative staff of the school: the principal,vice-principal, ICT coordinator, grade coordinator and teacher. The study results indicate the importance ofimplementing the ICT program on three levels: the administrative level, the teacher level and the pupil level.

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