School Displacement: Learning Outside Borders

Ana Mouta
JP-inspiring knowledge, Portugal

Ana Paulino
JP-inspiring knowledge, Portugal

Hélder Quintela
JP-inspiring knowledge, Portugal


Literature about the so-called 21st Century Learning Environments advocates the huge changes of learning scenario in the contemporary world. But are classrooms really changing and to what extent is that happening? On the one hand, the challenges that surpass institutional environments are revealing the global turmoil in terms of economies, societies, cultures and borders. On the other hand, the worldwide data streaming and the easy access to information we have today, namely through the challenges posed by the hypertext, have turned learning into a rich field for debate, where a pool of concerns try to match investments (material and affective ones) with quantitative and qualitative outcomes. While curricula are changing (cf. United Kingdom 2014 Computing Curriculum) due to educational reforms that are comprised with multiple problematics all over the world, learning cannot be analysed as a commodity fashion that can be externalized from the event of meaning.

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