Competences and Skills for 21st Century Digital Media Professionals

Mathy Vanbuel
ATiT, Belgium

Frauke Hein
KU Leuven, Belgium


In today’s businesses and organisations, the work of the digital media professional has become indispensable: our life revolves around expressions of media and arts, today created largely in digital form, designed by digital experts, executed by digital artists or workers, and distributed by digital campaigners and publishers. This highly diverse group of professionals consists of designers, creators, writers that are working across all media: radio, TV, press, web, multimedia, film, theatre, print, games etc. and not only in the artistic realm but in all segments of the society: information, news and press, advertisement and public relations, industry, commerce and education. Just imagine for example the world of education today without the input from the digital artist, the IT person or the media professional: the designers and creators of traditional learning and teaching materials as well as the network engineers, the information architects, the web designers, the usability experts, the photographers and video makers. A world of experts in its own right, a group of professionals of whom little is known.

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