The Challenges behind Research-Based Practices and Practice-Focused Researches in Distance Education

Selcuk Karaman
Ataturk University, Turkey

Engin Kursun
Ataturk University, Turkey


Scientific research was generally categorized as pure basic research (Bohr), pure applied research (Edison), and use-inspired basic research (Pasteur). There are many studies carried out to present the relationships between these research types and present their superiority in the field of philosophy of science. In this study, the relationship between research and practice has been discussed within the scope of distance education based on institutional experiences rather than discussing the perspective of philosophy of science.Ataturk University Distance Education Application and Research Centre (ATAUZEM) is one of the leading distance education centres with the variety of programs of study offered inTurkey. This centre was established in 2008 to bring research and practice together. ATAUZEM has offered a variety of distance education programs from associate programs to undergraduate completion program, from campus-based courses to masters -without thesis-programs. ATAUZEM, with 23,500 distance education graduate students, has currently 3,200active distance education students and each semester has about 15.000 active on campus students.

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