Crossroads and Challenges for Research into a Massive Distance Learning Program: UBA XXI

Patricia Ines Gandara de Marshall
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina


The GPS will allow the understanding of open and distance learning in Argentina. I selectedthree dimensions to provide location and summarize the legacy in this field. The firstdimension refers to the high interest of our academic teachers for innovation, improvement oftheir practices and development of new dispositive for the students learning. In Argentina wehave over twenty eight years offering distance learning in higher education, having trainedhuman resources along those years and with interaction between us through the distancealong the country. The second dimension consists in the network that we generated around allthe open and distance programs developed in Argentina for public universities. On 1990 tookplace the first gathering in the city of Buenos Aires with the participation of representatives ofthe national universities from the provinces of: Buenos Aires, Salta, Santa Fe, San Juan,Chubut, the city of Buenos Aires and the technological university (UTN). As a result of thatreunion came to life “RUEDA”, the university network for distance education in Argentina.The acronym is formed from the initials of the components (Red Universitaria de Educación aDistancia de Argentina) and generates in Spanish language the word “Rueda” which inEnglish means wheel. “RUEDA” gives the spirit of movement and the beginning of thecollaborative work still alive through the years. The third dimension to consider is the highinterest of the academic community to be in contact with international prominent professorsand experience international programs around the world

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