The Influence of Emotion on Cognitive Presence in a Case of Online Math Coaching

Martha Cleveland-Innes
Athabasca University, Canada

Stefan Stenbom
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Stefan Hrastinski
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


A model entitled the Relationship of Inquiry (RoI) framework was developed toprovide a deeper understanding of one-to-one online tutoring. It is built on thewidely accepted online Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework (Garrison et al.,2000, 2001), is based on the work of Peirce (1955) and put in an educationalcontext by Lipman (1991). The RoI framework is based on four interdependentelements: cognitive, teaching, social, and emotional presence. The frameworkand elements is described below. To date, the RoI framework has been testedand verified in an online math tutoring setting. The adapted cognitive,teaching, social, and emotional presence measures achieved an acceptablelevel of reliability (Stenbom et al., 2012). Findings suggest the adapted onlineinquiry framework is a good fit for describing one-to-one online tutoring.

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