Teachers’ Professional Development through Learning Ecologies: What are the Experts Views?

Marc Romero
Open University of Catalonia, Spain

Lourdes Guardia
Open University of Catalonia, Spain

Montse Guitert
Open University of Catalonia, Spain

Albert Sangra
Open University of Catalonia, Spain


Professional profiles and the skills and knowledge that individuals need tothrive in today’s society have been changing due to social changes generatedin recent decades. We know that there is no single reason, but there is nodoubt that the role of ICT have been taking in all dimensions of our society isone of them. Within this setting, where ICT have an undisputed dominance,there emerge complex sets of contexts, comprised of activities, resources, andrelationships, which provide new opportunities for learning in physical andvirtual spaces, and new opportunities for non-formal and formal learning.These sets of contexts are referred to as ecologies of learning, and in thisstudy, ECO4LEARN, we focus on how these ecologies determine theprofessional profile of teachers in compulsory education, and how they cancontribute to personalize training needs and increase the effectiveness of theirprofessional development.

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