The Role of Key-Stakeholders and Collaborators in the Long-Term Sustainability of an e-Learning Portal: The Case of Open Discovery Space Portal

Georgios Xydopoulos
Brunel University London, United Kingdom

Munir Abbasi
Brunel University London, United Kingdom

Lampros Stergioulas
Brunel University, United Kingdom

Xenia Ziouvelou
Athens Information Technology, Greece

Luis Andito Rifon
University of Uvigo, Spain

Manuel Fernandez
University of Uvigo, Spain

Barry Phillips
Sero, United Kingdom

Yannis Vavasis
INTRASOFT International, Greece


E-Learning resources, learning technologies and applications are becoming more and more popular in Europe, attracting the interest of the European Union and individual governments. E-Learning portals can be proved to be a “deus ex machina” solution in the global budget reduction for education. Stakeholders have a direct influence on factors that stimulate sustainable development and growth of technology and infrastructures and can greatly affect the sustainability of a project and its outcomes. The ODS project aims to create a pan-European E-Learning portal (multilingual open innovation platform) which acknowledges that engagement of stakeholders and their collaborative interaction with content, technology, software, webinar management service providers and e-publishers is very important for the success and long- term sustainability of the project. Thus, drawing on first-hand experiences from own research, as well as on previous knowledge, a new “stakeholder and collaborator analysis framework” and “engagement strategy” is proposed and developed for this purpose.

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