From Carer to CarerPlus: The Translation of a Digital Competence Framework into a Blended Mobile Learning Programme for the Domiciliary Care Sector

Steven Warburton
University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Stylianos Hatzipanagos
King, United Kingdom

Lubomir Valenta
3s, Austria


This paper outlines the processes and challenges involved in the translation of a digital competence framework designed for the care sector into a coherent blended learning programme for carers and care workers across Europe. The work here describes the digital competence mapping processes deployed to develop the curriculum and learning architecture for the CarerPlus programme. It employs Bruner’s notion of the spiral curriculum and is built around an activity-based pedagogy to promote significant learning gains. The programme comprises several interrelated courses that target the development of digital competences in the domain of social care interventions with ICTs, professionalization and the enhancement of the quality of life of care recipients. This work has been carried out under the European funded CarerPlus project that is situated against a background of the aging demographic across Europe. The two central aims are: (a) to provide a pathway for the development and professionalization of care workers through the acquisition of a set of digital competences; (b) to combat social exclusion in older persons through their care context, utilising newly acquired digital skills and knowledge.

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